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In his commentary, ibn taymiyya stresses that the primacy of the sharia forms the soundest tradition in tasawwuf, and to argue this point he lists over a dozen early masters, as well as more contemporary shaykhs like his fellow hanbalis, al-ansari al-harawi and abdul-qadir, and...

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26 May Bulgarian Women

Women In Bulgaria In the seventh century, they joined with invading Bulgars to realize management of a large territory, which they defended towards Byzantium in 681, gaining recognition as the primary Bulgarian state. The Slav and Bulgar elements are then understood to have merged into one...

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26 May Melanie Brown, better known as Mel B, has outgrown her image from the past

Melanie Brown, better known as Mel B, has outgrown her image from the past

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The Beckhams have seldom been seen so relaxed and down to earth. The 43-year-old family man also posted a picture in the magazine and wrote: "Victoria has worked long and hard over the past decade to build an incredibly successful brand, and I'm so proud of her. I am happy to be able to support your dreams. I was honored to be on the photo shoot for the October issue of British Vogue." That sounds almost too good to be true. 

In the interview with the magazine, Victoria Beckham spoke about her relationship with her husband, among other things: "People have been making up things about our relationship for 20 years"she explained. "So David and I are pretty used to ignoring the nonsense and just going on as before." 

The designer and the athlete have been married since 1999. "We both know that we are stronger together than as individuals"Victoria Beckham admitted. "We respect family ties, and that is the key to success."

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The ravages of time are gnawing at everyone. The only difference: some can age gracefully, others try desperately to track down beauty. Ex-Spice-Girl Mel B.

In the nineties she continued as "Scary Spice" trends in the world's most famous girl band.

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